The Real Sustainable Fashion Movement

The average women throw away 37 kg of clothing per year it makes retail industry become the second largest polluter in the world (Oil is the first). Let’s change the way we get dressed, one rental at a time. Mother earth will thank us.

Rentique is highly committed towards sustainable fashion.
These are the way we bring changes:


Trusted Laundry Partner

We will never dry clean (and never have) with toxic Perchloroethylene. Our solvent is a non-hazardous, non-phosphate oil-based chemical.

reuse bag-01.png

Reusable Garment Bags

To help protecting mother earth, we ship with reusable garment bags that you can use it from time to time.

cruel free-01.png
Faux Fur & Animal Free Leather

We took a stance, Rentique decided to not carry any real fur, feathers and animal leathers.